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Not sure which moving company to hire? American Eagle moving transport and storage company offers top-notch moving services all across the United States. From packaging to transport, American Eagle moving services clearly stand out from the rest.

American Eagle Moving is Not Just Any Moving Company

American Eagle Moving business opened its doors in 1985 with just two movers. Since then, American Eagle Moving business has performed over 50,000 moves all over the country, both residential and commercial. After observing our professional services, you’ll believe that you’re not dealing with just any moving company.

Local and Long Distance Moves

Local and Long Distance Moves

Moving locally or conducting long-distance moves, we have been exposed to almost every situation that may test our experience, knowledge, and expertise. As a full-service moving company, we have been doing a fantastic job since our inception.

Today, we are among the best movers in the moving industry. We are proven experts in local and long-distance moving services and guarantee our customers receive 100% satisfaction.

Whether family moves, moving apartments or changing a business location, we have been keeping our customers satisfied with complete moving packages tailored according to their needs.


Note: For long-distance moves, mentioning the actual time of arrival is crucial.

Professional Services

Our moving experts have worked hard to lift the reputation of our company. Ther are trained and skilled in the same way a carpenter or plumber is skilled.

They are trained in all areas including:

  • Handling and protecting your household goods

  • Problem-solving

  • Packing and crating, and

  • Acting in a professional manner at all times

Our insured movers and licensed drivers make a great team that’s capable of conducting office moves, residential moves, long-distance moves, cross-country moves, etc. On top of that, we offer an affordable price for every service.

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Are you looking for full-service packing? Do you need a special type of moving truck at an affordable price? Want two movers to move to a new apartment? Are you looking for someone specialized in heavy lifting? Or is it just about a free quote?

Or if you want to know more about how American Eagle moving transport works, we have got you covered!

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Expect Nothing But A Great Service

American Eagle Moving and Transport specializes in all types of moving services. These include:

  • Packing supplies (like cartons and plastic wrap) and full-service packing

  • Furniture loading and heavy lifting

  • Specialty moves (Pod loads or simply rearranging

  • Transport

  • Unloading and unpacking

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Whether it is about hiring American Eagle Moving Transport or getting our full-fledged service, we are here to assist you. Our hourly rates are lower than other companies, and we also offer the lowest prices for extra services you might need.

American Eagle Moving company has a track record of efficient loading. If you have a studio apartment, it’ll take us less than two hours to load everything.

How We Ensure a Pleasant Moving Experience

American Eagle moving company offers guaranteed low prices in writing along with excellent service and care since 1985!

Call us to have a pleasant moving experience!

Well-reputed Moving Service Since 1985

American Eagle Moving Transport has been in the business for nearly four decades. Throughout the period, we have maintained a solid reputation. We can efficiently transport your personal belongings from point A to B, offering you the fastest drive time and lowest hourly rate.

Adhering to your moving needs, we have performed over 50,000 moves, and have served businesses and residents alike. This proves that we are competent, accountable, responsible, and professional movers.

Hire us once; you'll definitely want to hire us the second time!

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