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Local Moving Services

Local moves are moves performed within the same town or to a neighboring city. Charges are based on an hourly rate plus any packing supplies purchased. The pick up and delivery of your possessions occur on the same day with an exclusive America Eagle Movers truck and crew.

Local Move Procedures:

American Eagle trucks will arrive at your home and the supervisor of your crew will introduce himself along with the movers and take a quick tour of your home. During this time you will inform the supervisor of any special requests you may have. Our movers will devise the best strategy to complete the move as safe and efficient as possible.

Charging Time starts:

The hourly charging time begins when the crew gets to your home and starts to work. The crew will Disassemble all beds, dresser mirrors, table tops and BLANKET WRAP all furniture for best protection and to ensure safe transportation! We will also SHRINK WRAP your upholstery at no extra charge to be sure they arrive fresh and clean!
American Eagle Movers will load the truck and secure all items so they won’t shift in transit. Before the crew leaves your pick-up location we recommend that you survey the premises to be sure that nothing was unintentionally left behind.
American Eagle trucks after loading will lock the doors and transport your household goods to your new home.
Once we arrive at your final destination you will direct the movers where you would like each item to be placed. The movers will start the unloading process including assembling your beds and when the items are in their right place and it feels like home again, your move is complete.
After the last item is placed in your home and your move is complete the charging time stops and we simply add our round trip travel time to the end of the work time. This is how we arrive at the final charges.
If the movers arrive at your home at 9 am and the last item is placed at 3 pm, you will be charged 6 hours work time in addition to any travel time which compensates our movers and truck from and back to our office. This is standard practice within our industry!

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