Long Distance Moves

Long Distance Moving Services

AMERICAN EAGLE can move you locally or anywhere around the world. We have prices to fit most budgets and Quality Service to fit every need.
We also specialize in INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING of cargo including your home or office!

Out of state move procedures

A Long Distance Move is also referred to as an Interstate Move because it involves crossing state lines. The charges for transportation are based specifically on the number and type of items you ship including the number of boxes and the distance between the origin pickup location and the destination drop off location.

The out of state moving process! how it works.

When our movers arrive at your home they will first prepare an Inventory listing each item and its condition before loading. Each item will be blanket wrapped for protection and prepared for transport. Beds will be disassembled as well as other services performed that you require. You may keep clothes in dresser drawers. We will load, transport and deliver to your new home and place all items in the areas you request as well as assemble your beds and make your new house a home!

Depending on the size of your move and your requirements, your shipment may be grouped with others or loaded on its own into 1 truck and delivered directly to your destination. There will be transport days between the time of loading to the time of delivery.

This transport spread will be discussed between you the shipper and your moving consultant.

We offer BINDING GUARANTEED PRICES that will not change along with a LOWEST PRICE GUARANTEE in writing for piece of mind!
Beware of movers that offer LOW BALL UNREALISTIC PRICES that can escalate as much as 200% at the time of payment. If a price is much lower than your next estimate it will probably be the most expensive at the time payment is due.
It is a good idea to get at least 2 estimates to compare prices and service from van line moving company’s.

Our prices are based solely on the list of items to be moved along with zip code to zip code. As long as the list of items is correct your price will never change. Other moving companies will give you a low price and then weigh the truck and that phone call with the bad news will surely come before they drop off your shipment.
Read between the lines on any paperwork you receive from any moving company. Check the list of items over again to be sure and if you have to add a few more items no problem. We will simply adjust the price accordingly.

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