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American Eagle Movers: Moving Experience of 25 Years

The Moving Company Promises to Make A Difference in Every Move

The Moving Company Promises to Make A Difference in Every Move

If you’re looking for the best moving transport, American Eagle Moving is your best bet!

The moving service opened its doors in 1985. Since that time we have performed over 50,000 moves. including long-distance and small moves. Whether moving locally, cross-country, or internationally, American Eagle moving company is a trusted name in the moving industry.

We have served both residential and commercial customers with local and long-distance moves. Our experienced movers can do a fantastic job because of the following:

  • Professional packing

  • Stress-free loading and unloading

  • Heavy lifting

Plus, we efficiently transport your personal belongings from point A to B.

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Offering Great Service for 25 Years

We have the best movers in Fort Lauderdale who have faced every situation that may arise in moving. Complications may arise due to the volume of items to be moved, or the distance traveled.

For example, you may have a heavy furtniture that requires plastic wrap as well as heavy lifting equipment - or you have POD loads to be moved right across the state. American Eagle moving agents come prepared to address all your moving needs.


Our professional team maintains a high level of professionalism, whether it's about reaching the location on actual time or assisting your with packing, loading, unloading or simply rearranging your stuff.

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What Most Moving Companies Don't Tell

Most other movers will price your move by weight or the space used on their trucks. That price can change after your shipment is loaded. Most often, customers are charged with twice as much as the original estimate. And that’s quite irritating for customers.

  • How will you prove that your weight did not go up?

  • How will you prove that you didn’t take up more space on their truck?

The answer is simple, you can’t! This is how they get you as they are in control.

In contrast, American Eagle moving transport does not charge you by weight.

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How American Eagle Moving Transport Saves You Money

Customers have become more intelligent nowadays. They can figure out that pricing a move based on volume or weight would mean they have to pay more than the estimated amount. This is why they tend to avoid such services.

American Eagle moving transport works according to your requirements. After giving you a free quote, we ask you to schedule a meeting so that we can inspect your belongings and prepare a list of all the items. The list of items may include:

  • Furniture

  • Appliances

  • Cabling system

  • Wardrobe

  • Cookery

  • Books

  • Musical instruments

  • Specialty items for the elderly, and more


After examining the items and preparing the list, we can decide the best moving transport for you, making sure all your family belongings move safely to the new house.

We simply price your move by the list of items that you are moving. Our simple and transparent way of doing business keeps the customer in control of the pricing and the items to be moved at all times. If the list of items doesn’t change the price will never change.

The only variable cost is the fuel surcharge that depends on the distance travelled and the fuel consumed.

This is how we have been saving businesses and homeowners a lot of money, and that’s exactly why people hire us for the second time!

No Surprises! No stress! We Don’t Weigh the Truck!

American Eagle Movers is the mover of choice after 25 years in business. Many of our movers have been with us many years as we never hire day labor. We own or lease all of our trucks and equipment and we have our own storage and warehouse facilities around the country.

We are NOT moving brokers as we perform each and every move ourselves. We give you so much more than the competition offers at no additional charge.

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LOCAL MOVES: $25 per hour deducted for each hour if we are late at pickup or delivery!

OUT OF STATE MOVES: ****$100/day deducted for each day if we’re late at Pickup or Delivery

INTRASTATE MOVES: *$100 per day deducted for each day if we are late at pickup or delivery!

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